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Sums of Integers and Series

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"Proofs Without Words" (ref 4,5) by R.B.Nelson,and "The Book of Numbers" (Ref 2) by Conway and Guy contains many beautiful drawings, which inspired me to express simple summations in more dynamic ways using CAD software.
For Bernoulli number, Ref.3 ,7 are used for explaining details.
Ref, 1,6 & 8 are good for general readings .

Sums of Integer , integer squared, cubed and raised to higher power

  1. Sum of N equally spaced numbers

  2. Sum of square from 1 to N2

  3. Sum of cube from 1 to N3

  4. Sum of 1 to Nm, (m P 4)

Geometric Series

  1. Infinite series sum of ratio= 1/4


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